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    Arms Evolve patch Embroidered Hammer Patch PVC Rifle Logo Patch
    Arms Evolve patchEmbroidered Hammer PatchPVC Rifle Logo Patch

    This sharp looking 2"x3" patch says so much in only a few simple words. It's constructed of PVC material and has Velcro backing. Great way to spread the message. FREE shipping!

    We decided to offer the Hammer logo by itself as an embroidered patch. This Velcro backed patch embodies the essence of the Hammer logo with a more "old school" feel. FREE shipping on this item. 

    These patches are 2"x3" with Velcro backing. These PVC patches are very durable and can be attached with the Velcro, or remove the Velcro to permanently sew in place. FREE shipping. 




    AR-15 Dust Cover
    AR-15 Dust Cover

    Custom engraved AR-15 dust cover. The engraving is on the inside. Note: There is no mounting hardware included with this item. (Photo: Top Shot Dustin Ellermann.) 


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