About Us

Modern Musket is a grassroots movement that advocates for Second Amendment rights and particularly the right to keep and bear modern rifles such as the AR-15 and others. 

The Second Amendment was written to protect the right of individuals to keep and bear modern firearms. When the Constitution was ratified these firearms were muskets; today they are modern rifles like the increasingly popular AR-15. Modern Musket's primary focus is to fight for the right of law abiding Americans to possess these modern rifles for both sporting and defensive purposes. Additionally, part of our goal is to eliminate misconstrued fears and negative perceptions of these types of firearms. It must be understood that they are not "assault weapons," they are simply modern semi-automatic rifles, and the ability to keep and bear these rifles is essential to liberty.

Modern Musket offers products to heighten awareness, spread the message, and to allow people to make a statement for what they believe in.

Thank you for visiting and we appreciate your support and interest in preserving the right to keep and bear modern muskets. -MM